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Laundry Service at VCE

Two state-of-the-art linen processing facilities-Central and Eastern Virginia with the capacity to process 10+ million pounds annually Experienced in hospital and hospitality quality standards/OSHA compliant ininfection control procedures/Member-Association for Linen Management Carts/mending/special packaging available Pick-up & delivery service Very competitive pricing Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed! Our mission is to reduce recividcism by providing job training, instilling transferable job skills and a positive work-ethic in a real work environment.

Why should you outsource? Bulk washing is the most cost efficient means of washing, usually for pennies per pound. Overall your spending is far less than owning and servicing your own equipment. Large commercial wash loads are far more energy efficient, better for our environment. Commercial washing is fast, turnarounds in as little as a couple of days. Special packing and packaging to par level specifications. Rag out & stain sort. OSHA compliant in infection control procedures. Sanitation methods safely remove pathogens, restoring linen to hygienic service.

Current customers include:
• Hospital & Nursing Facilities
• Universities and Schools
• State, Local & Federal Government Agencies
• Non-profit organizations
• Sheltered workshops

Job Skills = Opportunity
Supervised offenders operate all of our facilities, learning valuable job skills in a realworld work environment. Developing a work ethic is critical for offenders to succeed upon release. Virginia’s recividcism rate is one of the lowest in the nation and our work programs help to make that happen.


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VCE “Clean Team” Contacts

Central Plant Manager
Mark Caldwell
804.556.7487 / 556.5765

Eastern Plant Manager
Gary Goode

Field Representative
Carla Wilkins