Re-Entry Programs

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VCE participants achieved a lower recidivism rate than Virginia’s overall recidivism rate and a high rate of job attainment. These preliminary findings offer additional evidence that VCE participation may support successful reentry by promoting job attainment, employment stability, and reducing the risk of recidivism.

2018 Recidivism Report      Workforce Development & Job Reference

VCE job training programs are voluntary and inmates interview to be accepted. The job skills and experience gained from VCE programs enable inmates a greater chance of finding a job after release. Purchases from VCE also lower the costs associated with operating Virginia's criminal justice system.

Training Programs
Furniture Making

This program provides instruction that enables inmates to construct office and dorm furniture, beds, desks, tables and file cabinets from raw wood and metal using blueprints and plans. Inmates are also provided instruction that teaches them finishing, upholstery and spraying techniques.


This program provides instruction that enables inmates to embroider and silk screen logos, graphics, images and lettering on a wide variety of apparel. Inmates learn how to use computer software to manage machinery production patterns.


This program provides instruction that enables inmates to acquire entry level skills for the printing industry. Some of the major areas of instruction include: digital print software operations, copiers and platemaking; operation of sheet-fed offset press and printers; operations of collator, knife, stapler, numbering machine, hole punch and folder as well as other various printing equipment.


This program provides instruction that enables inmates to produce a complete and accurate set of drawings based on the ideas and sketches of engineers, architects and designers. Inmates learn how to draw and prepare detailed mechanical and engineering plans; apply techniques of lettering, orthographic projection procedures, auxiliary views, working drawings and pictorial representations.


Inmates learn basic skills that include, but are not limited to, optical theory, surfacing and finishing techniques, frame fitting and dispensing, frame repair and equipment maintenance techniques.


This program provides instruction that enables inmates to refurbish and recycle office ink and toner cartridges.

To learn more, please visit VCE INK website.

Re-Entry Program

The Division of Programs, Education and Re-entry is responsible for directing the development, implementation, integration and evaluation of the Virginia Department of Corrections (VADOC) re-entry initiative and inmate programs in correctional facilities and community settings in accordance with evidence-based practices. This Division leads VADOC partnership efforts with other agencies and offices at the federal, state and local level to strengthen coordination of services and programs that impact inmate re-entry approaches and outcomes. Services are provided by the Programs and Re-entry Unit and Education Operations. Specialized Units under Programs and Re-entry include Victim Services; Program and Case Management Services; Evidence-Based Practices in Facilities and Community,

and Cognitive and Re-entry Services. Education Operations provides academic, career and technical educational services to schools in each facility. Academic curriculum spans Adult Basic Education (ABE) and Plaza Comunitaria Spanish literacy through High School Equivalency (HSE) and facilitates post-secondary and college classes at several prisons in collaboration with the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) and the University of Virginia. Career and Technical Education Programs provide opportunities for inmates to acquire the skills needed in various trade and technical program areas in order to be competitive in the job market upon re-entry into society.

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