About VCE

Benefits for the Citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia

  • A self-supported agency at no cost to taxpayers
  • Fueling of the economy through employee wages and raw material purchases
  • Returning trained, productive citizens to the community

Customer Benefits

  • Quality products and services
  • Relief from the state’s bidding process
  • Full service operation from design to delivery and installation of case goods
  • Purchases from VCE are NOT counted against agency SWaM totals – no penalty for purchasing from VCE

Inmate Staff Benefits

  • Marketable job skills
  • Development of a sound work ethic
  • Self-confidence, pride and self-esteem
  • VCE inmate staff achieved a lower recidivism rate than Virginia’s overall recidivism rate (consistently among the lowest in the country) and a high rate of job attainment

Correctional Facilities Benefits

  • A means to combat offender idleness
  • A tactic to reduce costly disruptive behavior while contributing to the maintenance of a safe and secure environment for both inmates and staff

Customers We Serve

  • Virginia Government Agencies
  • Virginia Universities and Colleges
  • Virginia Community Colleges
  • Virginia Municipalities and Counties
  • Virginia Municipal Jails
  • Virginia State Hospitals and Museums
  • Virginia Non-Profit Organizations
  • Virginia Public Schools
  • Virginia First Responder Organizations

VCE's Mission

About Us

Virginia Correctional Enterprises is a self-supporting agency established by the Virginia General Assembly over 85 years ago to employ and train inmates in the Virginia Department of Corrections. VCE’s job-training programs help Virginia to post among the lowest reincarceration rates in the country.

VCE products are constructed with pride and established industry certifications and standards.

VCE’s mission is to strengthen future employment opportunities and marketable skills for inmate workers through on-the-job training and work development programs, supported by the production and delivery of quality products and services to our customers. VCE workforce development programs are voluntary, inmate workers apply, interview and are accepted into a program based on a predetermined set of criteria for each program.

Preparing for a Successful Reentry

VCE Workforce Development employs strategies to improve the inmate workers’ productivity in the workplace and provide the necessary skills to secure meaningful employment in the private sector upon their release from custody. VCE’s workforce development programs focus on the inmate worker’s ability to grow their skills and develop the tools needed for future success.

Program participants receive soft skills training through their participation in on-the-job training and classroom instruction, teaching them how to excel at communication, teamwork, time management, accountability and lean practices.

Inmate workers learn specialized skills for modern industries, from powered industrial truck operations to AutoCAD to maintenance and sanitation solutions. This training is delivered in the form of Registered Apprenticeships, industry/vendor certification programs and workforce development programs. 


Thank You for your support! VCE Delivers!

Please make an appointment to visit the VCE showroom to experience the full range of products & services we offer, speak to a VCE sales rep and truly experience the important mission we fulfill.

Virginia Correctional Enterprises
8030 Whitebark Terrace
North Chesterfield, VA 23237

Find out more about how VCE programs enable inmates a greater chance of finding a job after release.

Spotlight on VCE Teams - Learn about the teams that help supply the Commonwealth of Virginia with quality products and services.

My experience with VCE has been nothing less than pleasant. They have excellent quality products as well as quick delivery services. They have been meeting our ordering needs for many years, from ink, toner to apparel for employees.  VCE will continue to be our preferred choice. Thanks!