License Plates

License and Specialty Plates at VCE

License Plates are the iconic correctional industries product. Working with our sister agency, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, VCE makes more than 300 different License Plate designs. Additionally, VCE provides custom license plates for the Virginia Marine Resources Commission and Diplomatic Plates for the Office of Foreign Mission, a division of the US State Department.

License Plates

A souvenir copy of any Virginia license plate design may be ordered from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles using their web site Ornamental souvenir plates are sold as single plates and cost $10.00 each. You may personalize your souvenir plate for an additional fee of $10.00. Remember, these are ornamental souvenirs and may not be displayed on your vehicle.

Using the 3 1/2” x 7” format, VCE can manufacture custom identification plates for your Volunteer Fire Department or Rescue Squad. License plates with a different look get noticed. Why not a special plate that keeps your group’s name in view? It’s a great way to enhance public awareness and build pride among your team members.

I have recently attended several meetings wearing our new summer uniform, both on and off campus, and have received many compliments.  I have proudly told others that this was a Virginia Correctional Enterprises project and that we have been completely satisfied with the quality and service of VCE.