Release Request

  • ALL release requests must come via the online form due to OSIG audit requirements. Emailed forms cannot be accepted.
  • All release requests must have either the 3rd party vendor quote or the vendor's eVA punchout screenshot attached, as per OSIG audit requirements. Any release request without this supporting documentation will be denied due to insufficient information
  • If you do not receive an answer back, please check your spam folder.
  • For any questions on release issues, please email Please do NOT email, as this is an unmonitored email account. Please note that any release requests submitted after July 2nd at 3 pm will be processed on July 8th.


Please note: If the form is not working, please try in Chrome instead of Internet Explorer.

  1. Visit the VCE web site and search for the desired items. Note: Every VCE item is not always displayed on the website. Please contact your VCE sales representative to discuss desired items before submitting a Release Request.
  2. Complete the electronic release form. Note: the email is no longer functional.
  3. Supporting documentation must be uploaded with every Release Request, including a complete description of the product and a valid quote or actual cost of the item. The required documentation is enumerated in "§ 53.1-48.
  4. Incomplete "Release Forms" will not be processed.
  5. Generally, the review will be completed within 72 hours (3 working days) of the initial receipt of the release.


For Ink & Toner cartridge release requests, please review the following guide PRIOR to submitting a release request. Please contact Isabella Lurie at with any questions.

Ink & Toner Release Request Process

Release Request Form

VCE provides more than 1,300 inmates, working in different plants throughout the Commonwealth, jobs and work skills to help them successfully re-enter society.

VCE provides the following direct benefits through our “Inmate Job Program”

  • Virginia’s tax dollars are used to dual advantage in the purchase of quality products and services that fund a Job Program.
  • A Job Program that provides inmates marketable job skills.
  • A manufacturing and production operation that is self-funded.
  • Wages earned by inmates help pay for court imposed fines, costs, forfeitures, restitution or penalties, court costs, and child support.
  • A work environment emphasizing challenge, opportunity, quality, and dedication to this mission.

Code of Virginia

The following from the Code of Virginia provides the legal basis, justification, requirements, and responsibilities for the issuance of a “Release”:

§ 53.1-47. Purchases by agencies, localities and certain nonprofit organizations.

This section describes who should purchase from Virginia Correctional Enterprises: … all departments, institutions and agencies of the Commonwealth which are supported in whole or in part with funds from the state treasury for their use or the use of persons whom they assist financially. Except as provided in § 53.1-48, no such articles or services shall be purchased by any department, institution or agency of the Commonwealth from any other source.

§ 53.1-48. Exceptions as to purchases.

Exceptions as to purchases outlines three (3) reasons that are appropriate for VCE to grant a release: 

  1. the article so produced or manufactured does not meet the reasonable requirements of the department, institution or agency, 
  2. an identical article can be obtained at a verified lesser cost form the private sector, which is evidenced by a verified request for pricing, or 
  3. the requisition made cannot be complied with on account of an insufficient supply of the articles or supplies required, or otherwise. 


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Thank you all so much! I received the padfolios already!  They look amazing!  The Healing Environment Ambassadors are going to love them!