CAD Team

The CAD Team is skilled in image rendering, graphic design, computer graphics services, and all types of drafting, including architectural and mechanical drawings. Our drafters are ADDA-certified, with decades of combined experience.

The FCCW CAD Team can draft and edit mechanical and architectural drawings using current ANSI standards. This is especially helpful with drawings that need to be updated regularly, such as fire evacuation plans.

The CAD Team can also create photorealistic renderings of the customer's products which are ideal for web sites and catalogs. We can usher your product through every stage of development, from creating the initial working drawings to consulting with your fabricators, to providing the final gorgeously-rendered images.

We also convert old and damaged paper documents into vector images that can be easily updated and stored.

Part of our program is dedicated to teaching drafting skills to soon to be returning citizens.

The CAD Team has been able to maintain it's high level of excellence during the COVID pandemic.