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The (5) five person Procurement team at VCE is a centralized department supporting 16 locations, 30 manufacturing plants throughout Virginia We procure raw material, equipment, services and establish long term contracts; ranging from small dollar purchases to large complex procurements. The team establishes contracts that leverage buying power to reduce the over-all cost of manufactured items that are sold to state agencies, cities, towns, counties and institutions of higher learning within the Commonwealth. Procurement is constantly seeking new vendors to enhance the products offered using negotiations and vendor interactions. Currently, the team has 112 active contracts. The team processes over 7,800 orders in eVA, which equates to over $25 Million in fiscal year 18. The Department ensures compliance with state and departmental policies and procedures.

Training and certifications are are in high demand in the Procurement field. As a team: we hold 9 certifications and collectively have over 72 years of experience in Procurement.

The Procurement Department provides oversight to the 33 active credit cards. This oversight includes training, auditing and yearly credit card review class for all cardholders and their supervisors.