White Bark Warehouse

The VCE warehouse team has fulfilled 1,346 orders since January of 2020. This monumental task was accomplished despite the current crisis by SR Supervisor Doug Todd, Daryl Pittman, Telesea Sims, Tracia Witcher and 20 inmate staff. The VCE warehouse has also been the pilot site for the VCE Apprenticeship Program and recently honored its first graduate.

The VCE warehouse is so much more than a storage facility for VCE. It is a main hub for shipping and receiving of kits, finished products and raw materials for most VCE manufacturing and services being offered. The VCE warehouse's professionalism and flexibility have been on full display since they lost their inmate workforce in the beginning of April due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Maintaining the supply chain and comprehensive services that the warehouse provides to all of VCE has been handled by the warehouse staff and volunteers salvaging what could have been a financially difficult fourth quarter. In addition, the warehouse staff has kept up with the sanitation and cleaning of White Bark.

This dedicated team has handled every challenge with the utmost dedication, professionalism and can do attitude. Please help to thank the warehouse staff for all they have done and continue to do on a daily basis.