The staff at the Fluvanna Plant is committed to providing a positive workplace that develops and sustains job satisfaction, while equipping inmates with the job skills necessary for re-entry into society. The production is dedicated to manufacturing quality apparel at a competitive price.


The plant produces 30+ apparel styles used in the prison system, for healthcare organizations & hospitality organizations.

75 inmates are employed in the following positions:

  • Machine operators
  • Product cutters
  • Quality control inspectors
  • Leadman facilitators
  • Machine mechanics
  • Safety stewards
  • Custodians

Products include:

  • Denim jackets, jeans & coveralls
  • Fleece jackets (with & without pockets)
  • Twill release jackets (with & without lining)
  • Kitchen chef jackets
  • Aprons & hats
  • Inmate blankets, washcloths & towels
  • Medical scrub jackets, shirts, pants & lab coats
  • Yurts and UVA cart covers

I received the tumblers today and they are really, really nice.  They POP,  the blue is beautiful! Thank you for all your assistance in getting these done.  We appreciate your business.  Have a great day!