The VCE Sheet Metal Shop is located inside of Dillwyn Correctional Center, Dillwyn, VA. Inmates fabricate metal parts that feed other VCE shops throughout the state of Virginia. Inmates are also employed to provide support roles utilizing current computer software suites like AutoCad 2018, Corel Draw '18, and Microsoft Office.

Metal Shop

48 inmates are employed in the following positions:

  • Machine operators
  • Product cutters
  • Quality control inspectors
  • Leadman facilitators
  • Machine mechanics
  • Safety stewards
  • Custodians

The Metal Shop also performs Vehicle Conversions, to include:

  • Design & installation of security inserts
  • Window tinting
  • Vinyl graphic design & application
  • Mobile communication installation
  • Installations are done on sedans, SUVs, cargo vans, passenger vans, and ADA vans

Although it can take a little time to receive your order, the furniture is very well made and worth the wait. Also, I was having a hard time finding a stand up desk to fit the size of my regular desk. Karl actually made a trip to Harrisonburg to look at my desk, measure it, and talk with me about options. Then he went back to his office, checked it out, and let me know what they could do. You don’t get that type of service much anymore!