Lunenburg provides training on upholstered seating, finishing and refinishing.

Inmate workforce members are trained using a multitude of furniture manufacturing equipment and practices. They learn high demand skilled jobs in working with various materials, techniques, and processes. Both modern technologically advanced equipment as well as manual processes are utilized in the manufacturing of furniture.

VCE Workforce Development employs strategies to improve the inmate workers’ productivity in the workplace and provide the necessary skills to secure meaningful employment in the private sector upon their release from custody. We are committed to workforce development programs that focus on the inmate workers’ ability to grow their skills and develop the tools needed for future success. This training is delivered in the form of registered apprenticeships, industry/vendor certification programs and workforce development programs.

"Once I stepped into the wood shop it surprised me that it was an actual work environment…the professionalism that the staff exhibited towards those that were just coming in and were committed to work that was an awesome thing for me to experience…the biggest benefit is when an individual is released back into society the training that they learn from VCE makes them competitive in the market on the outside."

- Jesse, Former Wood Manufacturing Group inmate workforce member, VCE.

VCE Wood Manufacturing Group marketable skills and positions:

  • Administrative assistant
  • AutoCAD designer
  • CNC Machine operator
  • Custodial/sanitation
  • Edge band operator
  • Fabric cutter textiles
  • Forklift operator
  • Furniture assembler
  • Furniture carpenter
  • Glue booth sprayers
  • Inventory control technician

VCE Wood Manufacturing

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